Jack Hammer development halted.


No further updates for Jack Hammer. The game has been tested

and is fully playable. It will stay here for now. You can play

it if you like it :). It's completly free.


New Version of Jack Hammer.


This new version is almost ready for release. There is

a new video showing some gameplay you can watch here.

Thanks for playing!


New upload!


A new version of Jack Hammer is now online for you to play !

This is a much more stable build.

There are now 50 puzzles to solve and play.


Blog & Twitter.


Amonite-lab's new blog is now online. A twitter account has also

been created. You can visit the blog from the main menu of the

website and check amonite-lab's tweets from the new side panel.

Let's see if i can communicate without feeling stupid about

what i'm trying to say...


Jack Hammer !


Jack Hammer is amonite-lab's latest game. It's a fun puzzle/platformer

which you can play in your web browser ! Go to the Games section of

the website to play Jack Hammer now. The game is still in development

but this version should be working. Thank you for trying.


Embryonic state


Amonite Lab website is in development...


Hello World !


Amonite-lab.com is alive and online !